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About Us

Guangdong Huaguoshan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 from Shunde, Guangdong. We are a scientific and innovative enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of water-based resins. Depending on our continuously innovative core technology, advanced research instruments, production equipment and efficient operation mode, we can offer more competitive water-based resin products and solutions to our customers. After 8 years of development, we have evolved into a well-known water-based resin supplier in China.

Development Path
Enterprise Honor
Brand Glimpse
Resins for industrial lacquers
Metal steel
structure coatings
Rail transportation coatings
Engineering machinery coatings
heavy machinery and equipment, various engineering vehicles and other fields
Industrial floor coatings
Industrial lacquer resins currently include epoxy emulsions, polyurethane, acrylic emulsions, hydroxy acrylic acid, curing agents, alkyd resins, polyester resins, water-based UV and a range of other products, which are used in a wide range of water-based coatings for metal steel structures, rail transportation, construction machinery, plastics, industrial flooring and other applications.
Resins for wood paints
Wooden furniture coatings
Wooden toy coatings
Craft coatings
jade carvings, glazing, color carvings, stone statues, ceramics, small metal objects, etc.
Outdoor protective coatings
The resins for wood paints are available in a range of products such as self-crosslinking pure acrylic emulsions, hybrid acrylic emulsions, water-based polyurethane dispersions, water dilutable acrylic resins, modified polyurethane dispersions, hydroxy acrylics and so on. They are used in a wide range of water-based coatings for wooden furniture, block toys, hangers, cabinets, outdoor, etc.
Our advantage
 (1)现有科研人员40多人,占员工总人数的43%。汇聚清华大学、北京化工大学、华南理工等多所知名高校的高分子材料博士、硕士专业人才,潜心研制各种水性树脂。 (2)已建立水性聚氨酯、丙烯酸乳液、羟丙分散体、环氧/胺、水性醇酸/聚酯、水性UV六大技术平台,目前已研发近300支产品,形成了完善的产品体系,拥有多项发明专利和IAF认证证书。
 (1)现有科研人员40多人,占员工总人数的43%。汇聚清华大学、北京化工大学、华南理工等多所知名高校的高分子材料博士、硕士专业人才,潜心研制各种水性树脂。 (2)已建立水性聚氨酯、丙烯酸乳液、羟丙分散体、环氧/胺、水性醇酸/聚酯、水性UV六大技术平台,目前已研发近300支产品,形成了完善的产品体系,拥有多项发明专利和IAF认证证书。
Advanced talents + Technology innovations
Advanced instrumentation + Improved production lines
Advanced concept + Perfect service
Health and environmental protection + Reduction of costs and increase in benefits
Advanced talents + Technology innovations
Redefining the performance heights of water-based resins
       There are more than 40 scientific researchers, accounting for 43% of the total number of employees. We have gathered professional talents with doctoral and master's degrees in polymer materials from many famous universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and South China University of Technology to develop various water-based resins.

       Six technical platforms have been established: water-based polyurethane, acrylic emulsion, hydroxy acrylic dispersions, epoxy/amine, water-based alkyd/polyester and water-based UV. We have developed nearly 300 products and formed a complete product system, with a number of invention patents and IAF certificates.
Advanced instrumentation + Improved production lines
Focus on high quality, environmentally friendly products
      The company has a professional synthesis and application laboratory, equipped with world-class precision instruments. The factory covers an area of 20,000 m2 and the research & development center is over 4,000 m2. The production line adopts the leading equipment and technology in China, with an annual capacity of 150,000 tons.
     Under a complete quality control system and system, each product undergoes rigorous inspection and repetitive testing. Ensuring high performance and stability, they are certified under the ISO 9001 international quality management system.
Advanced concept + Perfect service
Building a good reputation in the coatings industry
     With the product advantages of Leading Performance and Stable Quality and the business philosophy of Positive Leadership and Sincere Empowerment, we have established long-term and consistent strategic cooperation with the world's TOP 10 famous paint companies, domestic leading coating companies and more than 1,000 other coating companies.
     Free sampling, providing excellent reference prescriptions for water-based resins and assisting customers with testing. Professional after-sales engineers to provide you with more competitive water-based resin products and solutions.
Health and environmental protection + Reduction of costs and increase in benefits
Boosting company sustainable development
       Adhering to the strategy of environmental protection, the main resources are invested in the research and development of pure water-based products. We strive to build a wonderful home for mankind that is lower carbon and more environmentally friendly.      
      We can customize professional products according to customer needs. We can provide integrated services for oil-to-water companies in the selection of raw materials, coating formula design and painting consultation. Assist coating companies to reduce costs and increase benefits.
In pursuit of the ultimate, redefining the performance heights of water-based resins
Water-based wood resins · Water-based industrial resins
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